Chicken Soup And Its Origin


In Belgium, you have a similar dish to chicken soup called waterzooi-chicken typical of the city of Ghent known as Chicken Booyah (in Wisconsin mentioned as “Belgian Penicillin”).

Portugal’s chicken soup is known as Canja and is usually made with rice.

In Bulgaria, chicken soup is often served seasoned with lemon juice or vinegar

Polish soups sometimes they serve almonds in their rosół: this is the foundation of the crouton that is poured into Israel known as almond soup.

In France in the form of bouillon and consommé, the most basic ingredients for chicken soup are bay leaves, fresh thyme, dry white wine, and garlic.

In Germany, Hühnereintopf (Chicken Stew) is taken with different herbs.

Greece has a variant of this soup called Avgolemonowith milk, lemon juice, rice, egg, and butter.

Italy’s pasta dishes that include chicken soup such as Cappelletti in brodo, Tortellini in brodo and Passatelli.

In Chinese cuisine, chicken broth is known and ginger, chives, black pepper, soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil are added.

The Samgyetang is a chicken soup in Korea which is made with ginseng, dried fruits of jujube, garlic, ginger, and glutinous rice is taken in this country not only as a cure but also as a way of preventing the disease.

In Colombia, there is a dish made with a chicken broth called ajiaco , which usually carries corn, bruños and a herb called guascas.

Chicken Soup In Other Places

In the United States of America, it is common to recommend a soup called “chicken noodle soup” to those who have the flu or a similar evil. The soup is chicken broth, with pasta similar to spaghetti, and sometimes cracked or sliced ​​vegetables, such as carrots or celery. Normally the taste is very smooth, without many spices, obviously because it is more palatable for sick people.

In Ecuador, it is a typical dish of the Costa region, especially in the rural populations of Manabí. It comes from Creole chicken, onion paitella, garlic, water, all this flavored with salt and coriander leaves.

In Mexico, people use various vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, chayote, potatoes, celery, corn, etc, and rice. It is an effective remedy when you are sick with the flu.

The True Origins

Chicken soup is always associated with European Jewish cuisine, in which it is part of different dishes of the Jewish holidays, in this way it is used in matzah balls made from water flour. They are usually served with hot soup. It is typical Pesach food.

Chicken soup is often referred to in popular culture as “Jewish penicillin” in recognition of its healing properties. Therefore, here we recommend you a few products to help prepare a good and tasty chicken soup.

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Origin Of The Chicken Soup
Origin Of The Chicken Soup


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Origin Of The Chicken Soup
Origin Of The Chicken Soup


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