Guide to Use Air Frying And How To Clean Your Air Fryer

Frying is one of the best things you could to your food. Frying can decrease the time of your cooking significantly. Also, you can be sure of one thing with frying your food will surely taste much better and hotter But not many people don’t like cooking their food, and that’s because frying adds an extra layer of fat. Which is the modern world where everyone wants to be fit doesn’t want? Today we are going to tell you a secret weapon of cooking which will make sure you get your fried food but without facing extra fat. Today we will tell you how you can cook your food using an air fryer, and how to clean it .

Guide to Use Air Frying And How To Clean Your Air Fryer
Guide to Use Air Frying And How To Clean Your Air Fryer

What Is Air Frying?

Well, right now, the air frying is sweeping every single nation in the world. But what is air fryer, and how can it help you. We will find out. If you look closely at the air fryer, you will find out that the air fryer is nothing but an amped-up countertop convection oven. It’s compact, which indeed helps your food to cook even faster. The top of the air fryer holds the mechanism which heats your food along with the fan. Onc the air gets hotter its starts to flow and rushes down and around the food product. This rapid circulation of the hot air converts your food into crisp, which is much closer to deep-frying than any other method.

Things You Can Make

The uber-trendy appliance can fry almost everything which you want to cook in a traditional fryer. If you’re going to fry the chicken wings, you can do that in the air fryer, and it will take almost no oil. As a result, you won’t be adding extra fat to your meal. French fires will come out crisp and golden brown. 

Things You Can’t Make With Air Fryer

Well, as we have already told you about the size of the fryer is small. Thus, it would help if you kept in mind how much people are coming and how many batches will it take to serve the whole group. Sometimes when we don’t think beforehand, we end up creating a massive mess in the kitchen. As a result, food doesn’t go out in time, and guests get agitated. 

Also, you can’t make anything that has a liquid batter. It would be best if you stored it first in the freeze. Let it cool down, and once it gets to set only then, you can use this machine to fry it.

Guide to Use Air Frying And How To Clean Your Air Fryer
Guide to Use Air Frying And How To Clean Your Air Fryer

How To Clean Your Air Fryer?

To clean up your dryer, all you need is hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Allow the food basket to soak in the water thoroughly. It will take around 10 minutes. Now you need to clean the basket walls and bottom with a moist cloth and a nonabrasive sponge.

Now let’s come to cleaning the exterior. For the exterior, you can use water, or if you want to be careful, you can use a moist cloth to clean the residue off. 

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