New Plant Base Burger Or Burger King NVELO?

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Many consider Burger King’s NVELO or New Plant Base Burger a better, more technologically advanced burger choice than the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. NVELO’s have a much higher selling price. So I asked them.

“Well, if you are comparing NVELO to McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, then I guess we are going to have to say NVELO is in a league of its own. Filet-O-Fish is the lowest selling item in our restaurants. We sell millions of these, and they can’t keep up with demand.” I told them that this should help motivate them to create something better and to change their taste buds for the better.

Then I asked them how they felt about replacing NVELO with the New Plant Base Burgers. They agreed with me but said they were more excited about the New Plant Base Burgers. This sounds pretty darn close to the traditional fast food like Egg McMuffin. It would seem to me that if McDonald’s wanted to survive, it would be more effective to turn the New Plant Base Burger into Egg McMuffin.

Mc Donald’s New Plant Base Burger

After all, it has only been a matter of months since McDonald’s introduced New Plant Base Burgers, and it has already taken off like its predecessors. By this time next year, McDonald’s will be using the new technology that brought so many customers to the restaurant that did not even know they lived in a world of two worlds.

New Plant Base Burger Or Burger King NVELO?
New Plant Base Burger Or Burger King NVELO?

Comparison Between New Plant Base Burger and Filet-O-Fish

If you compare the New Plant Base Burger to the same old Filet-O-Fish, it will be no contest. The New Plant Base Burger will outsell the Filet-O-Fish and will be the hottest item in their restaurants. They will likely switch their menu from burgers to burgers with a lot of cheese and also pickles.

Technology To Prepare Perfect Burger: New Plant Base Burger

To add insult to injury, Burger King’s new technology will allow their burgers to be cooked and grilled to perfection. At first, Burger King used to burn their meat for an extra delicious taste, but now they use their new grill technology to cook their burgers to perfection. The process takes longer and is not quite as fast as New Plant Base Burgers, but they do it.

New Plant Base Burger Or Burger King NVELO?
New Plant Base Burger Or Burger King NVELO?

What Is Grilling?

The process for using this technology, in this case, is called “grilling” and it takes longer than typical grill technology, but it is faster and hotter. The grill technology allows the grill to heat up and heat the oil at the same time. This is more consistent and safer and should make all of the difference in the world.

New Technology Is Better Than The Previous

The good news is that the new technology is so much better than the New Plant Base Burger that Burger King now can sell many more burgers than they previously could. If they want to stick around in this competitive market, then they need to come up with a better alternative to replace the New Plant Base Burger.

I know that I am in the minority in my opinion because I don’t think that the Plant Base Burger is as delicious as the Filet-O-Fish. I have tried the other two burgers, and I think Plant Base Burgers are slightly less tasty than the Egg McMuffin and I believe the other burgers are a little less filling. And I prefer the Egg McMuffin over the Filet-O-Fish, but that is just me.

Customers Want Tasty Burger

I also found that Burger King, once again, did not have a good sense of humor. They thought that making the new technology more affordable was going to save them money, and they completely forgot about the fact that customers were hungry for a better tasting burger. People have a way of realizing that there isn’t a cost-saving when a product is made a little better, but with the new technology they have, Burger King should not have to change the old recipe.

Final Words

If you look at it the other way, Burger King was thinking they could get away with using the NVELO in all of their restaurants, but another chain will soon take the Filet-O-Fish. New Plant Base Burgers may have taken the place of the Filet-O-Fish and will soon outsell the Filet-O-Fish. Fish.

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