A History Of Roasted Beef: Surprising Records

History Of Roasted Beef

Roasted beef is a real delicacy and always serves as an excuse to gather friends and family to the side of the grill. But, have you ever asked yourself where this dish comes from? The story behind it will surprise you.

A Twitter user shared a thread in which he reveals the origins of this delicious dish. Could you believe that, in the Middle Ages, roasted beef was the lowest type of food that anyone could eat?

A History Of Roasted Beef: Surprising Records
A History Of Roasted Beef: Surprising Records

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1. Mass Consumption Began In The Middle Ages

In El Quijote, Cervantes writes: “a pot of something more cow than a ram” because in those days, beef was considered inferior to sheep. Once the animal grew old and did not work, they slaughtered and ate it.

2. Cows Were Very Expensive

A cow was not easy to maintain and only had one offspring per year, but when it died it left a lot of meat. So that the meat was not wasted, it was kept in salt. Beef jerky was the most common way to consume beef, but it was only done when there was nothing better to eat.

3. Henry VIII Popularized It

At that time, the watchmen of the Tower of London were known as beefeaters (beef eaters) because Enrique gave them roasted meat to feed them. While in England the consumption of meat became popular, in the rest of Europe (the papist Europe) they continued to despise this dish.

4. Henry VIII Roasted One Cow A Day

He ordered the construction of a large kitchen to roast a cow a day. Eating roast beef was a way of adhering to the English Crown and also marked a political and gastronomic break with Papist Europe that took much longer to consume beef.

5. Most Cattle Breeds Have An English Name

Being preferred in Britain, the consumption of beef became popular later in Europe but it was a rather expensive dish.

6.  Refrigerators And Railroads Changed Things

In America beef became a profitable business. For years it was the cream of the American dream. While in Europe a plate of meat was very expensive, any immigrant who arrived in New York could have a good cut of beef for a small fee.

7. American Meat Came From Texas

From there it left for Kansas where the great slaughterhouses were and then headed to New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.

A History Of Roasted Beef: Surprising Records
A History Of Roasted Beef: Surprising Records

8. Mexican Border States Exported Bovine Calves

In Mexico, beef had been introduced since the Conquest and in the northern states they dedicated themselves to producing and exporting it, something that has not changed to date.

9.  However, This Is Not Considered As Best Meat

During the nineteenth century in the Argentine pampas, steak began to be produced and conquered the English palate. Thanks to roasted meat, Argentina was able to build a large market in Europe.

10. Four Countries Have The World’s Best Meat

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile have the best meat in the world, experts say. This is because cows in South America are fed with grass, while in the north (Mexico, United States and Canada) they feed on cereals.

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