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What’s So Great About Korean Barbecue

What’s So Great About Korean Barbecue

Korean barbecue is the most exciting food in the world cooked on live fire. There are many things great that can describe BBQ from Korea.

While the US BBQ emphasizes on huge pieces of meat such as pork shoulder and brisket cooked slow and low, BBQ in Korea is all about smaller stripes and cuts of beef. It is more about stripped pork belly, butterflied beef ribs sliced beef steak seared fast and hot on a charcoal fire.

The Fun Factor In Korean Barbecue

One exclusivity of the Korean BBQ that many individuals might not be aware of is that the charcoal fire used for cooking smaller pieces of meat is set right on the dining table. It is either the host or the guest working on the barbeque. Majority of the restaurants in Korea feature tables with in-built charcoal braziers.

What’s So Great About Korean Barbecue
What’s So Great About Korean Barbecue

Burning embers of charcoal go in the braziers before marinating meats. The customers themselves then grill the meats. So, you can rightly say that there is a kind of fun factor attached to having barbeque food items in Korea.

The Side Dishes In Korean Barbecue

Yet another fun part of BBQ in Korea is its side dishes. Raw, sliced pieces of meat come right to the dining table. The pieces are pre-marinated in rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil. The meats are not the only spotlight on the table. There are other high-flavor accompaniments included.

These go-withs are called panchan in Korea, and they allow the users to customize the barbeque as per their tastes and preferences. The table features a bowl of Kimchi made using radishes and cabbage along with spicy chile pepper paste called gochujang in Korea. You will also find a dish made of sour and sweet cucumbers along with mung bean salad and fresh watercress. Other dishes include steamed rice, Asian pears, and dipping sauce.

Garnishes And Other Accompaniments

Delicious dipping sauces and crisp lettuce leaves are suitable for wrapping up grilled meats. The different garnishes offer meat the flavor, and the taste the Korean barbeque is known for. Strips of different varieties of meat are grilled on charcoal until they get charred by fire and are smoke-kissed at the same time.

What’s So Great About Korean Barbecue
What’s So Great About Korean Barbecue

Grilled or smoked meat is wrapped in salty, sweet, and spicy savories, offering a lot of crispiness and crunch to the BBQ dishes. To be very specific, Korean barbeque is a small feast of several culinary delights in a person’s mouth.

Barbeque food in Korea or to say Korean barbeque in different parts of the world is all about strong and bold flavors. There is nothing too subtle about BBQ dishes from Korea. Every meal hits a food lover hard, and so it is more of enjoyment to the palate. Strong flavors are making their way straight into the mouths of the consumers. You can feel the flavors to be as strong as those of chile paste and a lot of soy sauce used for covering the meat pieces.

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