Why Should I Avoid Eating French Fries For Good Health?


Unlike other types of foods that you see being eaten in restaurants or fast food, eating french fries has no association with any health benefits. They’re unhealthy food that’s particularly detrimental to your health. 

French fries and hamburgers on tray
Why Should I Avoid Eating French Fries For Good Health?

Top Reasons To Avoid French Fries

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should avoid them.


You Are Taking In “Trans-Fatty Acid” When you eat French fries, you are ingesting trans-fatty acid. Trans-fatty acid is another name for hydrogenated oil. The reason this is bad for you is that trans-fatty acid is a proven contributing factor to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Weight Gain With Eating French Fries 

Of course, French fries will also cause you to gain weight. More weight means more fat, and as you know, that fat is a significant factor in contributing to heart disease.

It’s a Science 101 Lesson: Anytime you consider the relationship between eating fried foods and your health, the answer is almost always related to nutrition. This includes having French fries. If you take a look at the scientific studies on nutrition and health, you’ll find that trans-fatty acid has been shown to increase your LDL or bad cholesterol, and it can cause you to gain weight.

You’ll also find that having French fries cause inflammation. This inflammation can lead to a condition called “inflammaging,” which is related to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

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Why Should I Avoid Eating French Fries For Good Health?

Unsaturated Fat 

You will be taking in unnaturally saturated fat when you are having French fries. This saturated fat is known as “monounsaturated fat,” and it’s one of the worst saturated fats because your body absorbs it before your body can process it.

Eating French fries, chips, and any other type of fried food will increase your chances of getting colon cancer. There is a known connection between having French fries and colorectal cancer. While this connection hasn’t been proven, there’s a strong possibility that eating French fries increases your chances of developing colon cancer.

Just like eating fried foods increases your chances of getting colorectal cancer, eating French fries increases your chances of getting stomach cancer. Sudden stomach pain is a sign that you may have an irregular heartbeat. If you’ve ever experienced immediate pain in your stomach that is more intense than usual, then you should see your doctor rule out any serious illness.

Trans-fatty acids are responsible for atherosclerosis, which is the main reason why you should avoid eating French fries. As I said earlier, you shouldn’t eat French fries if you want to prevent heart disease. So, why do fried foods contribute to heart disease?

Clogged Arteries 

Researchers at Ohio State University found that while eating French fries increased the chances of getting clogged arteries,having the same amount of French fries increased the chances of getting atherosclerosis by 14 percent. So, eating fries is just as bad as smoking and drinking to prevent heart disease.

You don’t have to be aware of this, but when you are having French fries, you are essentially setting yourself up for a heart attack. Fries cause your blood to clot so you can’t breathe, and you pass out from an oxygen shortage.


In conclusion, you should avoid having French fries. You’ll be better off just eating potatoes and chicken instead.